10 female carlinos pug dogs names

Hello pug lover! If you have an adorable pug dog and are looking for the perfect name for her, you have come to the right place. In this article, I present to you 10 names for pug pug dogs with their meaning. These names are popular and charming, and one of them is sure to be perfect for your new furry friend. Let’s discover them together!

Names for Pug Pug Dogs


Amy is a name of French origin and means “beloved.” It is a perfect name for a pug, since these dogs are extremely affectionate and loved by their owners. Plus, it’s a short and sweet name, ideal for a pet.


Bella is a name of Italian origin and means “beautiful.” It is a very popular and appropriate name for a pug, as its charming appearance and sweet personality make any pug truly beautiful.


Coco is a fun and modern name that has become popular for its simplicity and charm. Although it has no specific meaning, it evokes a feeling of tenderness and sweetness, perfect for a playful and loving pug.


Kalia is a name of Hawaiian origin that means “flowers” or “clear.” It is an exotic and unique name, ideal for a pug that brings joy and beauty to its owners’ lives, like a flower in a garden.


Lucy is a name of Latin origin that means “light.” It is a classic and timeless name, perfect for a pug who lights up your life with her presence and joy. Pugs are known for their cheerful nature and their ability to make anyone smile.


Maggie is a diminutive of Margaret and means “pearl.” It’s a charming name full of character, ideal for a pug who is truly a gem in her owners’ lives. Plus, it sounds friendly and approachable, perfect for a pet.


Molly is a name of Irish origin and is a diminutive of Mary, which means “bitter.” However, in the context of pet names, Molly is seen as a sweet and affectionate name, ideal for a loving and loyal pug.


Roxy is a name of Persian origin that means “dawn.” It’s an energetic and lively name, perfect for a pug with a bright and cheerful personality. Roxy evokes images of a pet full of life and enthusiasm.


Sophie is a name of Greek origin that means “wisdom.” It is an elegant and sophisticated name, ideal for a pug that has an intelligent look and a calm and wise personality. Pugs often show great insight and understanding.


Zoe is a name of Greek origin that means “life.” It’s a vibrant and energetic name, perfect for a pug who brings life and joy to your home. Zoe is ideal for a dog full of vitality and spirit.


Choosing the perfect name for your pug dog can be a fun and meaningful task. The names Amy, Bella, Coco, Kalia, Lucy, Maggie, Molly, Roxy, Sophie and Zoe are not only beautiful and popular, but also have meanings that can perfectly reflect the personality and charm of your adorable pug. I hope you found the perfect name for your new furry friend on this list! Enjoy every moment with your beautiful pug pug!

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