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Flamingo is an english sailboat name. Meaning “flamingo, wader”.

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Flash is an english pet name for male horse. Meaning “lightning, flash”.

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The flea is an English business name for pub.

It is a tiny insect.

Ideal name for small pubs.

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Flip is an unisex english pet name for turtle. Meaning “turn over”.

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Florence is an english girl name. Meaning “prosperous, flourishing”.

English form of Latin name Florentia.

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The Florist is an English business name for a flower shop. Meaning “a person who sells flowers”.

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Flower Power

Flower Power is an English business name for a flower shop.

Hippy slogan used in the sixties as a symbol of the ideology of nonviolence.

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Flower Shop

The Flower Shop is an English business name for a flower shop.

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Fly is an unisex english pet name for bird. Meaning “to fly”.

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Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is an English sailboat name. This ship is also known as “De Vliegende Hollander” (in Dutch), “El Holandés Errante” o “El holandés volador” (in Spanish).

This is a well known ghost ship all over the world. According to legend, its captain Willem van der Decken made a pact with the Devil to sail safely against any maritime or climatological adversity. However, God knew it and condemned him to wander the seas forever.

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