Moroccan baby names

Choosing a baby’s name is an important decision in any culture, but in Morocco, it has an even deeper meaning. Moroccan names often have religious, cultural or historical meaning, and reflect the family’s identity and values.

In this article, we will guide you through the fascinating world of Moroccan names. We will provide you with information about the different types of names, current trends and traditions surrounding choosing a name in Morocco.

Types of Moroccan names:

Traditions and curiosities about Moroccan names:

Most popular names in Morocco (2014-2024)

According to official data from the Moroccan Ministry of Justice.
Most popular children’s names in the last decade:

I Love Adam

  1. Adam
  2. Ayman
  3. Yassine
  4. Anas
  5. Rayane
  6. Amir
  7. Ibrahim
  8. Mohamed
  9. Hamza
  10. Souleymane

Most popular girls’ names in the last decade:

I Love Jana

  1. Jana
  2. Sofia
  3. Ines
  4. Maysa
  5. Lina
  6. Kenza
  7. Fatima
  8. Salma
  9. Noura
  10. Meryem

Most common names in Morocco

There is no data available on the names that most people share in Morocco. However, according to a 2019 study by the web portal mMorocco the 10 male names and the 10 female names The most common in this African country are:

Most popular male names in Morocco:

I Love Mohamed

  1. Mohamed
  2. Ahmed
  3. Hassan
  4. Abdellah
  5. Rachid
  6. Abderrahim
  7. Mustapha
  8. Said
  9. Khalid
  10. Noureddine

Most popular female names in Morocco:

I Love Fatima

  1. Fatima
  2. Khadija
  3. Aicha
  4. Zineb
  5. Hind
  6. Meriem
  7. Nadia
  8. Souad
  9. Ibtissam
  10. Laila

Fashionable names in Morocco

The current trend is to use:

Examples of rising male names are:

I Love Ayman

Examples of female names on the rise are:

I Love Dalia


Choosing a Moroccan name for your baby is an important decision that should be made carefully. Consider traditions, current trends, and the meaning of the name before making a final decision.