Names of fruit and vegetable stores

In the world of fruits and vegetables, competition can be fierce. Attracting customers and building loyalty requires more than just fresh, quality products: you need a name that sticks in their memory and represents the essence of your business.

To help you in this task, we have compiled a list of original and attractive names for your fruit shop, along with a brief description of each one so that you can find the one that best suits your style and target audience.

I Love Barazki

  1. Barazki: A short and memorable name that uses the Basque word for “vegetable”, ideal for a fruit shop with a local and traditional touch.
  2. Cerise: A sophisticated French name meaning “cherry”, perfect for a fruit shop specializing in gourmet or exotic fruits.
  3. Fragola: The Italian word for “strawberry,” Fragola is a sweet and attractive name that conjures up images of summer and flavor.
  4. Gardener: A classic and traditional name that refers to the person who grows vegetables, ideal for a fruit shop that is committed to the quality and freshness of its products.
  5. Le delizie del giardino: An elegant Italian name meaning “the delights of the garden”, ideal for a greengrocer that offers high-quality products and an exclusive shopping experience.
  6. Mc Cedonia: A name that parodies a famous fast food chain, but with a healthy touch, ideal for a fruit shop that offers salads, juices and other fresh and quick-to-eat products.
  7. Terra: A short and memorable name that means “earth” in Latin, ideal for a fruit shop with a minimalist and modern approach.
  8. The Taste of the Earth: A name that evokes authentic flavors and fresh local products, perfect for a fruit store that cares about sustainability and organic farming.
  9. The Orchard: A simple and direct name that conveys closeness and familiarity, perfect for a neighborhood fruit shop with a cozy atmosphere.
  10. Tropicana: A name that evokes images of exotic and tropical fruits, perfect for a fruit store specializing in imported or seasonal products.
  11. Tutti Frutti: An Italian name meaning “all fruits”, ideal for a fruit shop offering a wide variety of fresh produce.

I Love Tutti Frutti

Have you still not found the perfect name for your fruit or vegetable store? Take a look at this list of names for fruits and vegetables stores!


With an original and attractive name, your fruit shop will be ready to win over customers and become a reference in your area!