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Boy names


Baby names, Boy names, Chinese names, Girl names

Zhu is an unisex Chinese name. Meaning “red”.

Categorized into: colour names.


Baby names, Boy names, Hebrew names

Zion or Sion is a Hebrew boy name.

It was a citadel that was located in the center of Jerusalem.

It is also used to refer to a Jewish homeland and heaven.

Categorized into: biblical names


Arabic names, Baby names, Boy names

Zofar is an Arabic boy name. Meaning “triumphant, victorious”.

Variant of Zafar.


Baby names, Boy names, Hungarian names

Zoltán is an Hungarian boy name.

Possibly a variant of the Turkish word “sultan” (king).



Baby names, Basque names, Boy names

Zunbeltz is a Basque boy name.

Name of a mountain in Navarra.