Boy names


Eluney is an unisex Native american name. Meaning “gift from heaven” in the Mapuche language, an indigenous ethnic group living in southern Chile and Argentina.

The name Eluney can be used for both boys and girls, although it is more frequently used for boys.

It derives from the union of the Mapuche words “elu” (sky) and “ney” (gift). Thus, Eluney would be a way of expressing gratitude and love for the birth of a son or daughter, considered a divine gift. (more…)


Elviro is a Spanish boy name.

Male form of Elvira.


Elvis is an English boy name.

It could possibly be a derivative of Alvis or Elwin.


Elwin is an English boy name. Meaning “old friend”.

Variant of Alvin.


Emidio is an Italian boy name.

From the Latin name Emygdius which probably comes from the unknown origin name Gaulish.


Emil is an English boy name.

English form of Emilio.


Emiliano is a Spanish boy name.

Variant of Emilio.


Emilio is a Latin boy name.

From the Roman family name Aemilius. There are two theories about its meaning:

  1. It comes from the Latin term “aemilius” that means “who strives to work”.
  2. This name procedes by the Greek word “aimilios” (kind).


Emmanuel is a Hebrew boy name. Meaning “God is with us”.


Emmet is an English boy name.

From the English surname Emmett which was derived from Emma.