Boy names


Aidan is an Irish boy name.

Anglicized form of Aodhán. It is a variant of old Irish name Áedán whose meaning is “fire”.

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Aiden is an English boy name.

Variant of Aidan.

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Aiguo is a Chinese boy name. Meaning “patriotism”·

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Aimar is a Basque boy name.

Medieval name from Navarre.

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Aitor is a Basque boy name. Meaning “noble”.

It comes from the Suletin expression “aitoren semea“, which in turn derives from the phrase “aita onen semea“, which translates as “son of good parents”.

Name popularized by the historical novel “Amaya or the Basques in the 8th century”. This book was written in the mid-nineteenth century by Francisco Navarro Villoslada.

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Aitzol is a Basque boy name. Meaning “noble”.

Pseudonym used by the Basque writer José Ariztimuño Olaso and formed by some of the first letters of his two surnames.

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Aizo is a Basque boy name.

Sorry, we don’t know the meaning of this name. If you know it, please, write a comment!

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Akamu is a Hawaiian boy name.

Hawaiian form of Adam.

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Akira is a Japanese boy name. Meaning “bright”.

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Akoni is a Hawaiian boy name.

Short form of Anakoni.

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