Pirate ship names

Adventure Galley

Adventure Galley is an English pirate ship name.

This boat was captained by William Kidd. It was designed and equipped with the latest advances to capture pirates. It was very expensive.

However, Kid failed to capture many pirates and collect rewards. He decided to become a pirate to pay their debts.


Amity is an English pirate ship name.

This brig was captained by Thomas Tew. He had a small crew (46 people), but he got the third largest pirate booty ever.

Black Pearl

Black Pearl is an English pirate ship name.

Ghost ship that appears in the film series “Pirates of the Caribbean”. It is characterized by being the fastest of the seas and has black sails .

Dying Gull

Dying Gull is an English pirate ship name.

Boat of the captain Jack Sparrow in the film “Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge”.


Fancy is an English pirate ship name.

This boat was captained by Henry “Long Ben” Every, he also was known as “Pirate King”.

This captain was very famous and feared and he managed to loot numerous ships.

Going Merry

Going Merry is an English pirate ship name.

The Straw Hat Gang’s first ship in the One Piece manga.


Inferno is an Latin pirate ship name. Meaning “hell”.

Ghost ship name of Willy the one-eyed in the movie “The Goonies” created by Steven Spielberg.


Interceptor is an English pirate ship name.

Ship that appears in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”.

It is a fast and agile ship commanded by Captain Jack Sparrow.


Jackdaw is an English pirate ship name.

Ship that appears in the video game Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, set in the golden age of piracy.

This name refers to a type of crow, which is intelligent and cunning.

It is a ship used by captain and assassin Edward Kenway to explore the Caribbean, fight other ships and carry out missions.

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Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger is an English pirate ship name.

Name used to refer to the most universal pirate flag, represented by a white skull and crossbones on a black background.

It is believed that this name could have derived from the French term “Jolie Rouge” (pretty red), used to refer to the first pirate flags, which were usually blood-colored, and that this expression passed into English under the adaptation “jolly roger”.

In addition, Jolly Roger was also the name adopted by the English pirate John Rackham, better known as Calico Jack, to name his plundering ship.