Eight famous viking ships names

The Vikings, known for their skill in navigation and exploration, were skilled shipbuilders. These vessels, celebrated for their innovative design and endurance on the high seas, bore powerful names that reflected the strength and courage of Norse sailors.

Among the most famous Viking ships in history, several stand out that became legends for their role in mythology, exploration and war.


The Barden, a Viking ship revered for its speed and agility, bravely sailed the seas during numerous raids. Known for its long length and imposing bow, the Barden earned a reputation as an agile and reliable ship on the Vikings’ voyages across the North Sea.


The magnificence of the Hringhorni transcends reality to delve into Norse mythology. This ship, associated with the god Odin, was described as a legendary burial ship. According to the sagas, the Hringhorni was a majestic vessel, adorned with intricate engravings and used for funeral ceremonies of the most important leaders.


The legend of Naglfar was feared among the Vikings. According to Norse beliefs, this ship, made from the nails of the dead, was destined to disembark at the battle of Ragnarök, the end of the world. It was said that every time they cut their nails or cut their hair, they contributed to the construction of this ship, urging the population to be cautious with waste.

Ormurinn Langi

The Ormurinn Langi, known as “The Long Dragon”, was a marvel of Viking engineering. This ship was characterized by its exceptional length, which gave it a large cargo capacity and space for a large crew. Her imposing presence in the seas ensured the respect of the coastal communities that saw her silhouette on the horizon.


The Reinen was renowned for its resistance and versatility. This ship, used for both commercial and military raids, was agile in maneuvers and robust in structure. She was noted for her ability to navigate both deep waters and narrow rivers, making her a valuable tool for the Vikings in their many undertakings.


The Skidhbladhnir’s fame lay in its magical ability and its exceptional size. According to the sagas, this ship was owned by the god Freyr and was known for its ability to sail in any weather conditions, as well as its ability to fold up to fit in a pocket. This vessel was considered a prodigy of Viking craftsmanship and a symbol of divine power.


The Tranen, nicknamed “The Tear”, evoked emotions among Viking sailors. This ship was said to witness numerous battles and explorations, carrying its crew through stormy seas and unknown territories. Her name, associated with sadness and struggle, honored the hardships and sacrifices faced in the Viking voyages.


The Visund, a ship revered for its elegance and efficiency in navigation, was an emblem of Viking naval prowess. Its ergonomic design and ability to reach remarkable speeds made it a preferred choice for commercial and military expeditions. Her name resonated among the Vikings as a symbol of success and daring at sea.

These Viking ships, with their mighty names and legacy in nautical history, represent the mastery of shipbuilding and the bravery of those who braved the seas in search of discovery, riches and immortal glories.

Their memory lives on in stories and legends that continue to inspire admiration for the Viking Age to this day.