Norse names


Aegir is a Norse sailboat name.

King of the seas in Norse mythology.

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Alvis is a Norse boy name. Meaning “all wise”.

In Norse mythology he was a dwarf who was to marry Thor‘s daughter.

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Aslaug is a Norse girl name.

Derived from the Old Norse terms “áss” (God) and “laug” (betrothed woman).


Barden is a Norse Viking boat name. Meaning “bear”.

Name of the ship of Earl Eirik.

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Björn is a Norse boy name. Meaning “bear”.

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Borgring is a Norse Viking boat name.

10th century ship discovered in Denmark.

It is considered a warship, possibly used by a Viking leader.


Borre is a Norse Viking boat name.

9th century ship with beautiful and careful ornamentation discovered in Norway.

It is believed to have been used in funeral ceremonies.


Brandr is a Norse boy name. Meaning “sword or fire” in Old Norse.


Drakkar is a Norse Viking boat name. Meaning “dragon”.

Derived from an old Icelandic term used to designate dragons.

Name of a type of boat used by the Scandinavians, Saxons and Vikings in their war incursions. They received the name of “Drakkar” because they usually carried the head of a dragon carved in the bow.


Endor is a Norse boy name.

Norse form of the Icelandic name Einþór which is composed by the terms “einn” (one, alone) and “þórr” (thunder).