What does Nasya mean?

Nasya is a predominantly feminine name of Hebrew origin. It derives from the Hebrew word «נשיא» (nasí), which can be translated as “prince, president, ruler”, although there are those who maintain that it may have other origins and meanings, as we will see in this article.

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What does Nasya mean in the Bible?

Based on this first meaning, Nasya is a variant of Nasia and can be translated as “princess”.

What is the meaning of Nasya in Arabic?

However, there are people who point out that the correct interpretation of the name Nasya is “divine miracle” or “miracle of God.”

This theory holds that Nasya is a variant of the Arabic name Nasiya or Nasiyah, which has this meaning.

Is Nasya a Russian name?

There are also those who see Nasya as the short form of the Greek name Atanasia and more specifically of its Russian variant Afanasya, whose meaning in both cases is “immortal”.

Variants of the name Nasya

We can find the name Nasya written in these other ways: Nasia, Nasiah or Nasyah.

What do they say to those called Nasya?

Among the most common options to affectionately refer to people called Nasya we find Nasi or Nasy.

Famous people named Nasya

Nasya is not a very popular name in the world, so it is difficult to find celebrities who are called that.
Among the most important personalities with this name we find the Bulgarian volleyball player Nasya Dimitrova, born in 1992, and the Indonesian soap opera actress Nasya Marcella, born in 1996.


As you can see, there is no unanimous interpretation about the meaning and origin of the name Nasya. In addition, it is not a very common name either, so if you are looking for a unique and little-heard name for your daughter, it may be an interesting option to consider.