Greek names


Achilles is a Greek boy name.

Greek hero and one of the main protagonists of “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey of Ulysses“, both written by Homer in Ancient Greece.

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Aegis is a Greek business name for a security company. Meaning “vigilant”.

Name of the shield of Zeus and the armor of Athena, considered as symbols of invulnerability in Ancient Greece.

By extension, it also means “protection, defense”.

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Aeolus is a Greek sailboat name.

According to the Greek mythology he was the God of the Wind.

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Alcides is a Greek boy name.

Variant of the name Alkeides, derived from the term “alke” (value, discipline, strength).

Alcides was a nickname of Heracles.



Alejandria is a Greek merchant ship name.

Name with which the Siracusia ship was renamed, considered one of the largest of Antiquity.


Alethea is a Greek girl name. Meaning “truth”.


Alethia is a Greek girl name.

Variant of Alethea.


Alexandra is a Greek girl name. Meaning “defender of mankind”.


Altea is a Greek girl name.

It comes from the Greek word “althaia” (healthy).

According to Greek mythology, she was the queen of Calydon and committed suicide after the murder of her brothers at the hands of her son Meleager.

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Amarantha or Amaranta is a Greek girl name.

Name of a flower. It derives from the Greek word “amarantos” which means “unfading”.

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