Spanish names


Acróbata is a Spanish pet name for male reindeer. Meaning “acrobat”.

Name by which Prancer (Santa’s reindeer) is also known in Spanish-speaking countries.


Adán is a Spanish boy name.

Spanish form of Adam.


Afortunado is a Spanish pet name for male horse. Meaning “lucky“.


Agata is a Spanish girl name.

Spanish form of Agatha.


Agave is a Spanish business name for a Mexican restaurant.

Native Mexican plant from which pulque, mezcal and tequila is made.

Also known as maguey, pita, pitera or sisal.


El Agricultor is a Spanish business name for fruit shop. Meaning “the gardener”.


Agua is a Spanish business name for a beach snack bar. Meaning “water”.


Aguamarina is a Spanish sailboat name.

Spanish form of Aquamarine.

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Aifos, a name that resonates strongly in the world of Spanish sailing, not only because of its sound, but because of the history it contains. Behind this name hides a sailboat with a very special meaning for King Felipe VI, who has made it his flagship boat to compete in various sports regattas.



Aitana, a feminine name that evokes natural beauty and strength, boasts an etymological origin that dates back to ancient Iberia. Its history is linked to the Sierra de Aitana, a mountain massif located in the province of Alicante, Spain.