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Girl names


Baby names, Girl names, Latin names

Araceli is a latin girl name. Meaning “altar from the Sky”.


Baby names, English names, Girl names

Araminta is an English girl name.

Its meaning is unknown. Original name of abolitionist Harriet Tubman (1820-1913), born Araminta Ross.


Baby names, Girl names

Arane is a Basque girl name.

Sorry, we don’t know the meaning of this name. If you know it, please, write a comment!


Baby names, Girl names, Hindu names

Arati is a Hindu girl name.

Variant of Aarti, name of a ritual in which they offer candles to various gods.


Baby names, Basque names, Girl names

Arbil is a Basque girl name.

Basque form of Pilar.


Baby names, Girl names, Hebrew names

Ardath is a Hebrew girl name.

Plain that appears in verse 9:26 of the book “Apocalypse of Ezra”, included in some versions of the Old Testament.

Categorized into: biblical names


Baby names, Boy names, English names, Girl names

Arden is an unisex English name.

It derives from the homonymous surname with a Celtic root meaning “high”.



Baby names, Girl names, Korean names

Areum is a Korean girl name. Meaning “beauty”.

It comes from the Korean indigenous name Ah-reum or Ahreum.


Baby names, English names, Girl names

Aria is an English girl name.

From the same Italian word that means “song, melody” (literally means “air”).