Native american names


Acapulco is a Native american business name for a beach snack bar.

It is a Mexican city known internationally as a tourist destination.

This name derives from the Nahuatl words “acat” (plant of reed), “poloa” (destroy) and “co” (place ‘) . Its meaning is “place where the reeds were destroyed”.

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Acoatl is a Native american boy name. Meaning “water snake” in Nahuatl.


Alaska is a Native american pet name for female dog. Meaning “large land”.

From the Aleut language word “Alyeska” of equal significance.


Aleu is a Native american male wolf name.

It is probably of Native american origin and means “loyal, noble” in the Aleut language.

Name of a cute wolf that appears in the movie “Balto 2”.

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Alitzel is a Native american girl name. Meaning “smiling girl” in Mayan language.

Its original form is Itzel Alit.



Amaru is a Native american boy name. Meaning “snake” in Aymara.

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Amik is a Native american pet name for male dog. Meaning “beaver”.

He was the mascot of the Montreal Olympic Games 76.


In the beautiful world of Mexico’s indigenous languages, we find fascinating names that encapsulate the wisdom and worldview of ancient cultures. One of these names is Aquetzalli, a Nahuatl word that resonates with mysticism and beauty. Join us on this journey to discover the meaning of Aquetzalli, exploring its etymological roots and its deep symbolism. (more…)


Asiri is a Native american girl name. Meaning “smailing” in Quechua language.


Atari is a Native american boy name. Meaning “hunter” in Purepecha.