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Girl names


Baby names, Girl names, Spanish names

Cecilia is a spanish girl name. Meaning “blind”.

Derived from the Roman family name “Caecilius”.

Name of a martyr of the third century who refused to believe in the Roman gods. Later she was named Patroness of Music.


Baby names, Girl names, Polish names

Cecylia is a Polish girl name.

Polis form of Cecilia.


Baby names, Girl names, Latin names

Celina is a Latin girl name.

It comes from the Ancient Roman family name Caelius which derived from “caelum” (heaven).


Baby names, French names, Girl names

Celine is a French girl name.

French form of Celina.


Baby names, Girl names, Greek names

Cenia is a Greek girl name.

Variant of Xenia.


Baby names, French names, Girl names

Cerise is a french girl name. Meaning “cherry”.


Baby names, Girl names, Unknown origin names

Cersei is an unknown origin girl name.

She is one of the principal characters in the serie “Games of Thrones” writen by George R.R. Martin.

Categorized into: Fictional characters names


Baby names, Girl names, Welsh names

Cerys is a Welsh girl name. Meaning “love”.

From the Welsh word “caru” (love).


Baby names, Girl names, Hebrew names

Cesia is a Hebrew girl name.

Yiddish form of Cecylia.


Baby names, French names, Girl names

Chantal is a french girl name. Meaning “rock, stone”.