Galleon names


Caleuche is a Native american Galleon name. Meaning: “transformed people.”

It derives from the Mapuche words “kalewtun” (transform, exchange) and “che” (people). (more…)

Golden Hind

The Golden Hind is a English Galleon name.

It was a very popular English boat captained by the corsair Sir Francis Drake. This ship managed to go around the world in the 16th century.

Its original name was “The Pelican” but was renamed in honor of the skipper of the ship, Sir Christopher Hatton, who had as coat of arms a golden doe.

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Mayflower is a English Galleon name.

This is the name of the ship that transported the first British settlers to the American coast in 1620.

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The Pelican is a English Galleon name.

Original name of The Golden Hind.

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