Submarine names


Balao is a Spanish submarine name.

Name of an American submarine used in the Second World War that technologically improved its predecessor, Gato class.

Balao is the name of a city in Ecuador.

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Drebbel is a German submarine name.

Submersible tested on the River Tamesis (England) in 1621 and considered the first real submarine in history.

It receives the name of its inventor, the Dutchman Cornelius Drebbel.

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Ictíneo is a Spanish submarine name. Meaning “that looks like a fish”.

Name of a wooden submersible that was built by the Spanish inventor Narciso Monturiol in the 19th century.

This device was designed for spearfishing coral.

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Kursk is a Russian submarine name.

Name of a nuclear submarine of the Russian Navy that in the year 2000 became famous internationally for sinking with 118 crew members on board.

It receives the name of a city of Russia.

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Nautile is a French submarine name.

French form of Nautilus.

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Nautilus is a Latin submarine name. Meaning “nautilus, a type of marine mollusc with shell”.

Name of the boat used by Captain Nemo in the novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Underwater” written by Jules Verne.

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Plongeur is a French submarine name. Meaning “diver”.

First submarine whose propulsion system was not human traction.

It was built in 1863.

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Red October

Red October is an English submarine name.

Name of a Russian nuclear submarine that appears in the novel and movie “The Hunt for Red October“.

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Turtle is an English submarine name.

First war submarine. It was invented by David Bushnell in 1775 and used in the War of Independence of the United States.

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Wahoo is an English submarine name. Meaning “wahoo, name of a large marine predatory fish”.

During the Second World War it was a popular for sinking dozens of Japanese ships.

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