Whaling ship names


Essex is a English whaling ship name.

Name of an American ship used for whaling that inspired the literary novel “Moby Dick”.

Essex is an English county located in the east of London.

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Niantic is a Native American whaling ship name. It´s the name of an Indian tribe that dominated the area of Connecticut and Rhode Island before colonization of America.

Nowadays the Niantic name is very popular because this is the name of the Company that designs the Pokemon Go videogame.


Pequod is a Native American whaling ship name.

Name of the boat that appears in the novel Moby-Dick.

Possibly it is a variant of the name “Pequot” which was an old Indian tribe North American.

Its nomenclature derives from the native terms “pekawatawog“, “pequttoog” or “paquatanog” that means “destroyer”.