English names


Adelyn is an English girl name.

It comes from the joint of the name Adeline and  the suffix -lyn.


Adelynn is an English girl name.

Variant of Adeline using the suffix -lyn.


Aden is an English boy name.

Modern form of Aidan.


Adler is an English boy name. Meaning “eagle”.

It comes from the German surname of the same name.

Categorized into: animal names


Adolph is an English boy name.

Variant of Adolf.


Adventure is an English sailboat name. Meaning “adventure, exciting experience”.

Adventure Galley

Adventure Galley is an English pirate ship name.

This boat was captained by William Kidd. It was designed and equipped with the latest advances to capture pirates. It was very expensive.

However, Kid failed to capture many pirates and collect rewards. He decided to become a pirate to pay their debts.


Adventurers is an English business name for children’s activities company.


Aeryn is an English girl name.

Sorry, we don’t know the meaning of this name. If you know it, please, write a comment!


Agatha is an English girl name.

Latinized form of the Greek name Agathe, that comes from Greek “agathos” (good).