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Business names, Law firm names, Unknown origin names

Abogalia is an unknown origin name for law firm.

Name formed by the Spanish term “abogado” (lawyer) and the sound ending particle (-lia).



Beach snack bar names, Business names, Native american names

Acapulco is a Native american business name for a beach snack bar.

It is a Mexican city known internationally as a tourist destination.

This name derives from the Nahuatl words “acat” (plant of reed), “poloa” (destroy) and “co” (place ‘) . Its meaning is “place where the reeds were destroyed”.

Categorized into: place names.

Active Learning



Business names, Clothes shop names, French names

Actuel is a French business name for clothes shop. Meaning “current“.

Ad Hoc

Business names, Latin names, Law firm names

Ad Hoc is a Latin business name for law firm. It literally means “for this”.

It is used to describe a specific solution to a particular problem and, therefore, not usable in other propositions.


Business names, Greek names, Security company names

Aegis is a Greek business name for a security company. Meaning “vigilant”.

Name of the shield of Zeus and the armor of Athena, considered as symbols of invulnerability in Ancient Greece.

By extension, it also means “protection, defense”.

Categorized into: Mythologic names.


Business names, Mexican restaurant names, Restaurant names, Spanish names

Agave is a Spanish business name for a Mexican restaurant.

Native Mexican plant from which pulque, mezcal and tequila is made.

Also known as maguey, pita, pitera or sisal.


Business names, Fruit shop names, Spanish names

El Agricultor is a Spanish business name for fruit shop. Meaning “the gardener”.