English names


Cheeta is an English pet name for female monkey. Meaning “cheetah”.

Tarzan’s monkey companion.

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Chelonia is an English pet name for female turtle.

Name inspired by the chelonians, a scientific animal order that includes reptiles with four short limbs, horny jaws, no teeth, and a body protected by a hard shell that covers the back and chest.


Chelsea is an english girl name. Meaning “chalk landing place“.

English name of a town.

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Cheryl is an English girl name.

From the French name and word “Cherie” (darling).


Chess is an English pet name for male dog.

Strategy board game.


Chester is an English boy name.

It comes from the homonymus English surname. It was used to refer to people from the city of Chester.

The name of this city comes from the Latin term “castrum” (camp, settlement).


Who doesn’t know Chewbacca, the imposing brown-furred Wookiee who accompanies Han Solo on his intergalactic adventures? Chewbacca, affectionately nicknamed “Chewie” by his friends, is one of the most beloved characters of the Star Wars saga. (more…)


Chewie is an English pet name for male hamster.

Affectionate name of Chewbacca.


Childhood is an English business name for daycare center.


Chile is an English boy name.

Rare form of Kyle.