Male pet names


Acer is a Latin pet name for male dog.

Genus of trees and shrubs that receive the common name of “maples”.

Also, it is a popular Taiwanese computers company.


Acróbata is a Spanish pet name for male reindeer. Meaning “acrobat”.

Name by which Prancer (Santa’s reindeer) is also known in Spanish-speaking countries.


Afortunado is a Spanish pet name for male horse. Meaning “lucky“.


Aka is an unisex Japanese pet name for cat. Meaning “red”.

Ideal name for reddish cats.

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Akela is an Hindu pet name for male wolf. Meaning “single, solitary” in Hindi language.

Name of the leader of the wolf pack in the novel “The Jungle Book” created by Rudyard Kipling.

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Alegre is an Spanish pet name for male donkey. Meaning “happy“.


Aleu is a Native american male wolf name.

It is probably of Native american origin and means “loyal, noble” in the Aleut language.

Name of a cute wolf that appears in the movie “Balto 2”.

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Alf is a unkwon origin pet name for male dog.

Main character of the popular television series of equal name emitted by the NBC in 1986.

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Alteza is a Spanish pet name for male horse. Meaning “high king“.


Altivo is a Spanish pet name for male horse. Meaning “proud, superb”.

Name of an equine character that appears in the movie “The Road to El Dorado” created by DreamWorks Animation.

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