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Baby names, Boy names, Latin names

Alban is an English boy name.

It derives from the Roman patronymic Albanus, which means “from the (city of) Alba.”

Alba comes from the Latin word “albus” (white).


Baby names, Boy names, German names

Albert is a German boy name. Meaning “noble bright”.

Name consists of the german terms “adal” (noble) and “beraht” (bright).

Form of Adalbert


Baby names, French names, Girl names

Albertine is a French girl name.

Feminine French form of Albert.


Baby names, Boy names, Spanish names

Alberto is a Spanish boy name. Meaning “noble bright ”.

Spanish form of Albert


Baby names, Boy names, Latin names

Albus is a Latin boy name. Meaning “dawn”.


Baby names, Boy names, Greek names

Alcides is a Greek boy name.

Variant of the name Alkeides, derived from the term “alke” (value, discipline, strength).

Alcides was a nickname of Heracles.



Baby names, German names, Girl names

Alda is a German girl name. Meaning “old noble”.

Female form of Aldo.


Baby names, German names, Girl names

Aldama is a German girl name. Meaning “long life”.


Baby names, Girl names, Spanish names

Aldana is a Spanish girl name.

Perhaps it derives from the homonymous Basque name and locality. Both comes from the word in Euskera “aldats” that means “slope”.


Baby names, Girl names, Portuguese names

Aldina is a Portuguese girl name.

Feminine form of Aldo.