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Baby names, Girl names, Latin names

Anastasia is a Latin girl name. Meaning “resurrection”.

Female form of Anastasius.

How to pronounce the name Anastasia in Spanish?


Baby names, French names, Girl names

Anastasie is a French girl name.

French form of Anastasia.


Baby names, Boy names, Spanish names

Anastasio is a Spanish boy name. Meaning “resurrection”.

Spanish form of Anastasius.


Baby names, Boy names, Greek names

Anastasios is a Greek boy name. Meaning “resurrection”.

Derived from the Greek term “anastasis“. It is composed of the elements “ana” (up) and “stasis” (standing).


Baby names, Boy names, Latin names

Anastasius is a Latin boy name. Meaning “resurrection”.

Latin form of the Greek name Anastasios.


Baby names, Boy names, Russian names

Anatoli or Anatoliy is a Russian boy name. Meaning “sunrise”.

Russian form of the Greek name Anatolius.


Baby names, Boy names, Greek names

Anatolius is a Greek boy name.

Variant of the name Anatolios, derived from the term “anatole” (sunrise).


Baby names, Boy names, Canarian names

Ancor is a Canarian boy name.

Sorry, we don’t know the meaning of this name. If you know it, please, write a comment!


Baby names, Basque names, Boy names

Ander is a Basque boy name. Meaning “virile”.


Baby names, Boy names, English names

Anderson is an English boy name. Meaning “son of Andrew“.