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Baby names


Arabic names, Baby names, Boy names

Amiri is an arabic boy name. Meaning “prince”.

Variant of Amir


Baby names, English names, Girl names

Amy is an english girl name. Meaning “darling, loved”.


Baby names, Girl names, Spanish names

Ana is a spanish girl name. Meaning “gracious”.

Spanish form of Hannah.

How to pronounce the name Ana in Spanish?


Baby names, Boy names, Unknown origin names

Anakin is an unknown origin boy name.

He is one of the principal characters in the serie “Star Wars” writen by George Lucas.

Categorized into: Fictional characters names


Baby names, Boy names, Hawaiian names

Anakoni is a Hawaiian boy name.

Hawaiian form of Anthony.


Baby names, Girl names, Latin names

Anastasia is a Latin girl name. Meaning “resurrection”.

Female form of Anastasius.

How to pronounce the name Anastasia in Spanish?


Baby names, French names, Girl names

Anastasie is a French girl name.

French form of Anastasia.


Baby names, Boy names, Spanish names

Anastasio is a Spanish boy name. Meaning “resurrection”.

Spanish form of Anastasius.


Baby names, Boy names, Greek names

Anastasios is a Greek boy name. Meaning “resurrection”.

Derived from the Greek term “anastasis“. It is composed of the elements “ana” (up) and “stasis” (standing).


Baby names, Boy names, Latin names

Anastasius is a Latin boy name. Meaning “resurrection”.

Latin form of the Greek name Anastasios.