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Arabic names, Baby names, Boy names, Girl names

Amal is an unisex arabic name. Meaning “to have hope”.


Baby names, Girl names, Latin names

Amalia is a latin girl name. Meaning “work”.

Latinized form of the Germanic name Amala.


Arabic names, Baby names, Boy names

Aman is an arabic boy name. Meaning “god with us”.


Baby names, Boy names, French names

Amand is a French boy name.

It comes from the Latin name Amandus (“worthy of love”).

Saint Amand was a 5th century French bishop.


Baby names, Girl names, Latin names

Amanda is a latin girl name. Meaning “lover”.


Baby names, French names, Girl names

Amandine is a French girl name.

French diminutive of Amanda.


Baby names, Basque names, Girl names

Ekiñe is a Basque girl name. Meaning “maternity”.

It derives from the Basque word “ama” (mother) to which the feminine suffix -ne is added.


African names, Baby names, Girl names

Amara is an African girl name. Meaning “grace” in Igbo.


Baby names, Girl names, Greek names

Amarantha or Amaranta is a Greek girl name.

Name of a flower. It derives from the Greek word “amarantos” which means “unfading”.

Categorized into: flower names.


Baby names, Boy names, Native american names

Amaru is a Native american boy name. Meaning “snake” in Aymara.

Categorized into: animal names