Boat names


Ammirato is an Italian sailboat name. Meaning “admired”.

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Amore is an Italian sailboat name. Meaning “love”.

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Amphitrite is an English fishing boat name.

English form of Anfítrite.

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Ancora is an Italian sailboat name. Meaning “anchor“.

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Anfítrite is a Greek fishing boat name.

Ancient goddess of the sea, consort of Poseidon and mother of Triton.

Categorized into: Mythologic names.

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Añil is a spanish sailboat name. Meaning “indigo”.

Categorized into: colour names

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Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny is an English sailboat name.

She was an Irish pirate from the 18th century. It was also known under the nickname “Boon“.

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Antelope is an English sailboat name.

Name of the ship that appears at the beginning of the novel “Gulliver’s Travels” written by the Irish author Jonathan Swift in 1726.

Categorized into: animal names.

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Antonia Graza

Antonia Graza is an Italian transatlantic name.

A fictional ship that appears in the movie “Ghost Ship” directed by Steve Beck.

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Aqua is a latin sailboat name. Meaning “water”.

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