Law firm names


Abogalia is an unknown origin name for law firm.

Name formed by the Spanish term “abogado” (lawyer) and the sound ending particle (-lia).

Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc is a Latin business name for law firm. It literally means “for this”.

It is used to describe a specific solution to a particular problem and, therefore, not usable in other propositions.


Allies is an English business name for law firm. Meaning “partners”.


Appel is a French business name for law firm. Meaning “call”.


Azur is an French business name for law firm.

French and Spanish form of Azure.


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Consensus is a Latin business name for law firm. Meaning “agreement”.

Corpus Juris

Corpus Juris is a Latin business name for law firm.

Literally it means “body of law”, but this term was used in Ancient Rome to refer to all the laws in a certain field.


Delphi is a Greek business name for law firm.

Sanctuary of Apollo where its famous oracles were located where the future could be consulted.

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Equality is an English business name for law firm. Meaning “sameness, evenness“.