French names

Maison de la Manucure

Maison de la Manucure is an French business name for nail salon. Meaning “Manicure House”.

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Mamma Fashion

Mamma Fashion is a French business name for clothes shop.

Ideal name for maternity and baby clothing store.

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Marie is a French girl name. Meaning “rebellious woman”.

French form of Maria.

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Marlene is a French girl name.

Blend of Maria and Magdalene.

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Melanie is a French girl name.

French form of Melania.

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Mexique is a French transatlantic name. Meaning “Mexico”.

Name of a ship that sailed from Bordeaux to Mexico with Republican refugees during the Spanish Civil War.

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Michel is a French boy name. Meaning “who is like God?”.

French form of Michael.

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Michelle is a French girl name. Meaning “who is like God?”.

Femenine form of Michel.

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Michonne is a French girl name. Meaning “who is like God?”.

Variant of Michelle.

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Mignon is a French business name for clothes shop. Meaning “cute”.

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