Dog names

60 tipycal male dogs names in Spain


Abba is an English pet name for female dog.

Name inspired by the Swedish musical group Abba.


Acer is a Latin pet name for male dog.

Genus of trees and shrubs that receive the common name of “maples”.

Also, it is a popular Taiwanese computers company.


Akita is a Japanese pet name for female dog. Meaning “autumn, rice field”.


Alaska is a Native american pet name for female dog. Meaning “large land”.

From the Aleut language word “Alyeska” of equal significance.


Alf is a unkwon origin pet name for male dog.

Main character of the popular television series of equal name emitted by the NBC in 1986.

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Amik is a Native american pet name for male dog. Meaning “beaver”.

He was the mascot of the Montreal Olympic Games 76.


Appollo is a greek pet name for male dog.

Name based in an ancient Greek God.

Appollo was a very famous rescue dog who served with the K-9 unit of the New York Police Department.

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Argi is a basque pet name for female dog. Meaning “light”.


Argos is a Greek pet name for male dog.

In the Homer‘s Odyssey, it was the faithful dog of Odysseus.

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