Bear names


What is the meaning of Balú? the name of the good-natured bear that conquered us in the film created by Disney, “The Jungle Book.” Keep reading and discover all the details about its origin!



Beibei is a unisex Chinese pet name for bear. Meaning “precious treasure”.

Name of a giant panda who lives at Washington Zoo.

Beibei was also one of the mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.


Felpa is an Spanish pet name for male bear. Meaning “plush“.


Gizmo is an unknown origin pet name for male dog.

Creature of the movie “Gremlins”.

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Misha is a Russian pet name for male bear.

Russian form of Mickey.

Also Misha was the mascot of 1980 Moscow Olympic Games.


Paddington is an English pet name for male bear.

From the same British surname which means “Pada‘s farm”.

Children’s character created by Michael Bond in 1951.

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Peluche is an Spanish pet name for male bear. Meaning “plush“.


Plush is an English pet name for male bear. Meaning “silk or cotton fabric”.


Winnie is an English pet name for male bear.

Name popularised by the cartoon series “Winnie the pooh” created by Disney. In this series, Winnie is a teddy bear who eats a lot of honey.

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