Cat names


Aka is an unisex Japanese pet name for cat. Meaning “red”.

Ideal name for reddish cats.

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Aura is a latin pet name for female cat. Meaning “aura, halo”.

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Bigotes is a spanish pet name for male cat. Meaning “whiskers”.

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Botas is a spanish pet name for male cat. Meaning “boots”.

Ideal for cats with different colored legs to the body.

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Cascabel is a spanish pet name for male cat. Meaning “rattle, bell”.

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Chairo is an unisex Japanese pet name for cat. Meaning “brown”.

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Diva is a latin pet name for female cat. Meaning “diva, divine”.

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Don Gato

Don Gato is a Spanish boy name. Meaning “Mr Cat”.

Name received in Spain by the protagonist and the American cartoon series “Top Cat” (sometimes abbreviated as T.C.).

Don Gato was also the name of the late mascot of the famous Spanish youtuber Auromplay.

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Felicia is a Latin pet name for female cat. Meaning “happy”.

The cat of the evil Professor Ratigan in “The Great Mouse Detective” movie.

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Gardfield is an english pet name for male cat

Popularized by the comic and cartoon series Garfield.

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