Merchant ship names


Alejandria is a Greek merchant ship name.

Name with which the Siracusia ship was renamed, considered one of the largest of Antiquity.

Ever Given

Ever Given is a English merchant ship name.

It is one of the largest container ships in the world. In 2021, she ran aground in the Suez Canal and caused a major traffic jam that prevented the passage of other ships for days, seriously affecting international trade and the economies of several countries.

Harika Maru

Harika Maru is a Japanese merchant ship name.

From the Japanese terms “harika” (incense) and “maru” (circle).

Name of a boat used to transport the opium that appears in the Tintin comic “The Blue Lotus”.

Iron scow

Iron scow is a English merchant ship name. Meaning “iron barge”.

Name of a vessel that disappeared in 1918 at Niagara Falls and that emerged in 2019 after a storm.

It was considered a ghost ship during all this time.



Siracusana is a Greek merchant ship name.

Name by which the Siracusia was also known, one of the largest ships of ancient times.


Siracusia is a Greek merchant ship name. It is considered one of the greatest ships of antiquity.

Ship for the exchange of merchandise from ancient Greece belonging to the city of Syracuse.

The popular Greek physicist, engineer, inventor, astronomer and mathematician, Archimedes, participated in its design.


Tarshish is an hebrew merchant ship name.

Name that is known in the Bible to commercial ships traveling to Tarshish, ancient region of Spain located in the present Seville, Huelva and Cadiz.

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Toconao is a Native american merchant ship name. Meaning “place of stones.”

Name of a town located in the north of Chile.

It derives from the words in Kunza, a language spoken by the Atacameño people, “tocknar” (stone) and “ao” (place).

Name of a container ship flying the Liberian flag that lost part of its cargo in December 2023 in Portuguese waters, causing a “tide” of small white plastic balls on the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula.


Tsimtsum is a Hebrew merchant ship name.

Name of the ship that appears in the movie “Life of Pi”, in which the protagonist begins his journey accompanied by the animals from his zoo. (more…)