English names


Welinda is an English girl name.

Form of Belinda.

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Whale is an English sailboat name. Meaning “baleen, cetacean”.

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White Bay

White Bay is an English business name for a beach snack bar.

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Whitey is an unisex english pet name for dog. Meaning “white, fair”.

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Why Not English

Why Not English is an English business name for English academy.

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Whydah is an Arabic pirate ship name.

Name of a white and black bird.

This boat was captained by Black Sam Bellamy. He was the richest pirate of all time despite exercising for just one year piracy.

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Wilder is an English boy name.

It derived from the homonymous surname that comes from the word “wild“.

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William is an english boy name. Meaning “protection desire”.

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William Kidd

William Kidd is an English sailboat name.

Name of a Scottish pirate of the 18th century. He was known as “Captain Kidd”.

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Willie is an English boy name.

Pet form of William.

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