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Abelard is a German boy name.

Name consists of the german terms “adal” (noble) and “hart” (brave).


Abele is an Italian boy name.

Italian form of Abel.


Abene is a Basque girl name.

Basque form of Pilar.

Name formed by the Basque word “habe” (pillar, column) and the feminine ending -ne.



Abetzi, a female name of Native American origin, belonging to the Cheyenne language, evokes the beauty and transformation that autumn brings. Its literal meaning, “yellow leaf” or “autumn leaf”, transports us to a time of change, where nature dresses in vibrant colors before giving way to the winter.



Abidemi is an African boy name. Meaning “born during father’s absence” in Yoruba.


Abigail is a hebrew girl name. Meaning “my father is joy”.

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Abigayle is an English girl name.

Modern English form of Abigail.


Abilene is an English girl name.

Name of a place mentioned in the Old Testament. It almost certainly derives from the Hebrew word “avel” (meadow).

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Abishag or Abisag is a Hebrew girl name. It possibly means “my Father [God] is great”.

Name of a maid of King David that appears in the Book of kings.

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Abogalia is an unknown origin name for law firm.

Name formed by the Spanish term “abogado” (lawyer) and the sound ending particle (-lia).