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Texas is a Spanish business name for a burger restaurant. Meaning “large farm”.

Derived from the Native American people “techas o taychas” which means “friend, ally”. This tribe lived in this region.

Categorized into: place names.


Thabit is a Arabic sailboat name. Meaning “the one that endures”.

Name of the star in the Orion constellation.


Thae is a Korean boy name.

Variant of Tae.


Thai is a thai pet name for female dog. Meaning “freedom”.


Thaily is a Greek girl name.

Modern variant of the name Thais, which in turn derives from the Greek “Θαΐς” (Thaïs). This name was common in ancient Greece and was used to refer to courtesans or women of great beauty and intelligence. (more…)


Thais is a Greek girl name. Meaning “bandage”.

She was a companion of Alexander the Great.


Thalay is an unknown origin girl name.

Variant of Talay.

Thames University

Thames University is an English business name for English academy.

Thames is a river that flows through London.


Thapasya or Tapasya is a Hindu girl name. Meaning: “deep meditation”.

It literally means “produced by heat”.


Mary is a girl name. It has three origins and meanings:

  1. English name. Variant of Dara.
  2. Arabic name. Meaning “wealth”.
  3. Thai name. Meaning “water”.