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Mythologic names


Baby names, Boy names, Greek names

Achilles is a Greek boy name.

Greek hero and one of the main protagonists of “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey of Ulysses“, both written by Homer in Ancient Greece.

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Boat names, Norse names, Sailboat names

Aegir is a Norse sailboat name.

King of the seas in Norse mythology.

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Business names, Greek names, Security company names

Aegis is a Greek business name for a security company. Meaning “vigilant”.

Name of the shield of Zeus and the armor of Athena, considered as symbols of invulnerability in Ancient Greece.

By extension, it also means “protection, defense”.

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Baby names, Boy names, Latin names

Aeneas is a Latin boy name. Meaning “praise”.

Latin form of the Greek name Aineias.

In Greek legend he was a son of Aphrodite and one of the chief heroes who defended Troy from the Greeks.

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Boat names, Greek names, Sailboat names

Aeolus is a Greek sailboat name.

According to the Greek mythology he was the God of the Wind.

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Boat names, Finnish names, Sailboat names

Ahti is a Finnish sailboat name.

God of the deep in Finnish mythology.

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Baby names, Girl names, Greek names

Altea is a Greek girl name.

It comes from the Greek word “althaia” (healthy).

According to Greek mythology, she was the queen of Calydon and committed suicide after the murder of her brothers at the hands of her son Meleager.

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Baby names, Boy names, Norse names

Alvis is a Norse boy name. Meaning “all wise”.

In Norse mythology he was a dwarf who was to marry Thor‘s daughter.

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Anansi or Ananse is an unisex pet name for spiders. It has African origin and literally means “spider” in an Akan language (southern Ghana, eastern Ivory Coast, Liberia and parts of Togo).

Spirit of West African and Caribbean folklore that can take human or arachnid form. It is a God who knows all the stories of the world.

Variants: Kwaku Ananse and Anancy.

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Boat names, Fishing boat names, Greek names

Anfítrite is a Greek fishing boat name.

Ancient goddess of the sea, consort of Poseidon and mother of Triton.

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