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Acapulco is a Native american business name for a beach snack bar.

It is a Mexican city known internationally as a tourist destination.

This name derives from the Nahuatl words “acat” (plant of reed), “poloa” (destroy) and “co” (place ‘) . Its meaning is “place where the reeds were destroyed”.

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Africa is a Latin girl name.

African continent.

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Ainhoa is a basque girl name.

Name of a village.

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Aitana is a Spanish girl name. Name of a mountain range located in the region of Alicante (Spain).

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Alaitz is a Basque girl name.

Name of a mountain located in Navarre.

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Alborán is a Spanish sailboat name.

Name of Island located in Almeria (Spain).

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Alexandria is an English girl name. It is a female form of Alexander.

Name of several cities founded in Antiquity by Alexander the Great. The most famous of them is in Egypt.

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America is a latin girl name. Meaning “America, american continent”.

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Arizona is an American business name for pub.

Name of one of the US states.

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Athens is a Greek business name for Sportswear shop names.

Name of the Greek capital.

This city hosted the first edition of the modern Olympic Games (1896).

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