Sailboat names


Carón is a Spanish sailboat name.

Variant of Caronte.


Caronte is a Spanish sailboat name.

Spanish form of Charon.


Castaway is an English sailboat name.

Person who has been shipwrecked or has lost his boat and is left adrift.


Céfiro is a Spanish sailboat name.

Spanish form of Zephyrus, Greek god of the west wind.

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Cézanne is a French sailboat name.

Inspired by the French post-impressionist painter Paul Cézanne.


Chalupa is a Spanish  sailboat name.

Auxiliary boat carried on board some ships.


Charon is a Greek sailboat name.

According to Greek mythology, he was the ferryman of the underworld. He transported the deceased in his boat to the World of the Dead in exchange for a coin.

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Charybdis is a Greek sailboat name. Meaning “suction”.

It derives from the Greek word “Járibdis” of equal meaning.

According to Greek Mythology Charybdis was a sea monster. Previously, she was one of the daughters of Poseidon and Gea.

For three times a day, this creature swallowed enormous amounts of water and vomited them, thus creating a huge swirl that engulfed everything within reach.

Charybdis crossed the Strait of Messina (separation between Italy and Sicily) with Scylla, another sea monster. This situation forced the boats to approach and face one or another being to pass.

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Chimera is a Greek sailboat name.

This word has several meanings. We present the two most common and one related to a marine animal. (more…)


Chopin is a Polish sailboat name.

Name inspired by the famous Polish pianist and composer Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin.